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I started my tattoo career in April of 2001. I started out with a formal apprenticeship under Matt Lampi, and worked under him for 3 great years. It was then that I decided it was time to venture out. Over the years, I have worked with many great people, all of whom have left their mark on my style. I do many different styles of tattoos, but I really, really, really (really) enjoy doing Black and Grey tattoos. I love tattooing anything from cinema and music, to family portraits and custom designs. I am always researching new styles and trying to learn them also, so we'll see where it leads, huh.....
Gabby started her tattoo career in January of 2009 as an apprentice at Monster Ink. She buckled down and learned as much as she could. By summer of 2010, she dropped her title as an apprentice and is now a full-time artist here at Monster Ink. Gabby has a real love for doing fun color tattoos. She enjoys doing all types of designs from skulls to flowers and from realistic to cartoony.
I started working at Monster Ink a little over a year ago. I have always been interested in piercing and thoroughly enjoy it! I went to the Piercing Academy in North Dakota and was taught to pierce by Carol Tepley but I never stop trying to learn everything I can! I like to do all piercing but am extremely interested in Microdermals and piercings that are a little different and not "the same thing everyone else has"!
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